How to choose a bookkeeping company

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Do you have a business? Do you do your own bookkeeping? Are you considering hiring someone that can help you with your bookkeeping and accounting needs? 

In today’s article, I’d like to share the top quality that you need to consider when choosing the right bookkeeper to help you with your business.

Top Qualities To Look For When Choosing a Bookkeeper

If you’re searching online for a small business bookkeeper, look at many things and not just the price.

Here are some top qualities to look for. There might be other factors out there, but these are the ones that are the most important. I’ll discuss each of these qualities, and if you have questions, please reach out.

1. Good communication

One of the most important qualities that you need to check when hiring a bookkeeper is if they’re able to provide good communication, before, during and after you become a customer. 

If their initial response to your inquiries are not that stellar, then it can reflect the type of communication you might receive when you’ve been their clients. 

Also, when communicating with your bookkeeper, what’s the method used? Are you able to communicate swiftly and accurately? These are just some common questions you should ask before deciding hiring someone as your bookkeeper.

2. Understands your industry and business

It would be so much better for you and your business if you hire someone who has an experience in your industry and in your business.

Having someone with a wide range of industry experience can help you navigate through your questions and your business needs.

3. Reliable

Working with a reliable bookkeeper and accountant can help your business run smoothly. Whenever you need a report or document prepared, you want someone who can prepare it for you at the right time with no delay to avoid any penalties and issues.

4. Well-informed

Is your bookkeeper and accountant well-informed of the changes in legislation, taxes, laws in your industry? Are they well-informed of any changes that might be related to your business? Ask them how they keep themselves up to date and how you can get notified as well.

5. Organized

Is your bookkeeper organized in preparing what you need? Do they have a reliable and secure backups in place? You want to choose a bookkeeper that can safely and securely organize your business’ records and confidential information.

6. Practical

While choosing a bookkeeper based on price and going with the cheapest option is probably not a good thing, you also don’t want to choose a bookkeeper that is the most expensive. Being expensive doesn’t mean that they have the best bookkeeping service. Always look for the most practical choice that will suit your needs. Look for what other people are saying about their services, read customer testimonials and reviews. Be practical when choosing a bookkeeper, but be wise as well.

7. Prioritizes your business

Does your bookkeeper prioritize your business? We all understand that most outsourced bookkeeping services handle multiple clients, but are you able to get hold of them when you need them? If they are non-responsive or respond slowly to your needs, then it might be time to look for another provider.

8. Availability

Last but not the least, are you able to reach out to them and ask them questions, especially if it’s an emergency? Do they respond in a timely manner? Are you able to reach them normally between regular, business and working hours? You’ll want to work with someone that is professional yet available to take your calls and emails as soon as possible. 

Hiring the Right Bookkeeper

When choosing someone to work with, you’ll want to exercise the same diligence as hiring someone to join your team. You should be able to test their work, their experience and their expertise before having them on board. If you’re looking for a bookkeeper with these top qualities, schedule a free consultation with Snow Corp Accounting today!

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